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Theme: Regions of Ecuador               

Do you believe in reincarnation? Perhaps in your past lives you were a blue-footed booby, a sea lion or a giant turtle, who knows! Just enjoy of the lovely ceramic works of this suite exuding the unique atmosphere of the Galápagos Islands.

We could not miss this extremely important region, so we invited the Ecuadorian master ceramicist Eduardo Vega to reflect the islands in this 21m2, King bedded Suite, with balcony.

To frame the delicate ceramic works of Vega, which touches even the beautiful and colored bathroom, each piece of furniture made from olive tree was specially designed by artist Simón Ordoñez.


Highlights on the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands have a volcanic origin and emerge from the Pacific Ocean, some 972 km directly west of mainland Ecuador. Although young in geological terms, the islands are famed for their endemic wildlife. Darwin's observations and collecting contributed to the development of his theory of evolution by natural selection. In the Galápagos you can see animals that are rarely seen elsewhere such as Galápagos penguins (the only penguin found within the tropics).

The entire archipelago is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage site.


Decoration Amenities


 * Honey-coloured furniture with painted

    ceramic by artist Eduardo Vega.

 * Galapagos art works by Eduardo Vega   

    throughout the room.

 * Galapagos - themed bathroom.



 * IDD telephone line.

 * Wi-fi Internet.

 * 32" flat screen plasma T.V with cable. 

 * Digital safe deposit box.

 * Mini bar.

 * Bathroom with shower and bathtub.

 * Hairdryer.

 * Located on the patio side.

 * Balcony with view of the majestic mountains   

    surrounding Quito.




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