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Theme: Regions of Ecuador               

If you have ever wonder about the Andes and were willing to be on top of any of its high mountains, now, in this 22m2 Suite you may feel some of the beautiful textures and materials used by the people of the mountains for diverse utilitarian purposes.

Your King size bed, night tables, chairs, carpet, wall triptych and window blinds, features processed agave, hemp and strong braided fibers, knitted in warm earth colors to create a lively yet at the same time cozy atmosphere. To make your visit unforgettable, your suite also counts with a balcony looking to El Panecillo hill.


Los Andes mountain range is an integral part of the history of South America. Great civilizations rose and became extinct in their heights; witnesses thereof are the impressive buildings and archaeological remains that continue to be found today.

Regarding its origins, a recent research published by the Smithsonian Institute, establishes that the Andes rise long before the previously accepted start date, and became active 25 million years ago.

In Ecuador, the Andes create spectacular landscapes comprising fertile valleys, cloud forests, endless mountains and snow-capped volcanoes, and include the perfect volcanic cone of the still active Cotopaxi (5,897m) and Ecuador's highest mountain, Chimborazo (6,310m). The highest peak is the Aconcagua, in Argentina, rising to 6,962 m.


Decoration Amenities


 * Bright maroon furniture.

 * Ochre carpet made of agave (cabuya) a,  

    natural fibre.

 * Elements of cabuya integrated into the chairs,  

    bed and closets.

 * Stone wall.


 * IDD telephone line.

 * Wi-fi Internet.

 * 32" flat screen plasma T.V with cable. 

 * Digital safe deposit box.

 * Mini bar.

 * Bathroom with shower and separate bathtub.  

 * Hairdryer.

 * Located on the street side.

 * Balcony with view to El Panecillo hill.




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