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Theme: Regions of Ecuador                                 

Do you think possible finding the exuberance of the Amazon rainforest in Quito in a relaxing cousy hotel? Ample, warm, fully colored and singing is this suite representing de Amazonian jungle region of Ecuador. Upon entering, you will be surprised with the exotic flora murals that include ferns, lianas and heliconias as well as with the noble materials used for decoration and the colorful details all around. This 30m2 lush space with two King size beds and great balcony with view to the mountains, could be your best choice when looking for exclusiveness and comfort.

No aperitif to your work or pleasure trip to Quito could be better than staying at the Amazonas Suite.

Higlights on the Amazon Rainforest


Ecuador's jungle region to the east of the Andes, is one of the most accessible and traveller-friendly areas of the upper Amazon basin. It is also one of the most biologically rich areas on earth; a natural laboratory with an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals. The labyrinth of trees that can grow up to 50 metres high is crossed by several mighty rivers that eventually flow into the Amazon itself.

As you descend from the Andes towards the Oriente a spectacular view unfolds in front of you as an immense carpet of dense green rainforest stretching as far as the eye can see.

The region is sparsely populated and accounts for little more than 5% of Ecuador's total population. Small indigenous communities such as the Huaorani, Cofan, Shuar and Kichwas live in isolated villages and continue their ancient traditions. You may learn more about the jungle, visiting our Yacuma Lodge, on the Napo river.


Decoration Amenities


 * Dark furniture with Amazon green bedspreads.  

 * Flexible ironwork decorations.   

 * Special wooden leaf chair.

 * Exotic plant murals.

 * Bathroom by well-known artist Eduardo Vega.


 * IDD telephone line.

 * Wi-fi Internet access.

 * 32" flat screen plasma T.V with cable. 

 * Digital safe deposit box.

 * Mini bar.

 * Bathroom with shower and bathtub.

 * Hairdryer.

 * Located on the patio side.

 * Balcony with view of Quito and the majestic   

    mountains surrounding of the city.




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