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Theme: Richness of Ecuador               

One of the constant preoccupations of human beings is the origin of the universe. Perhaps, we will expend our whole lifetime without finding such an answer. However, it is a great sensation to be in an ambience recalling us how it could have been. In this 29m2 Suite we find copper sheets flooded by lights of gas and fire, thus appearing the origin of the cosmos formed by the kinetic polychromes, altered by the hands of the artist.

Each of the two Queen sized beds is crowned by the light, space and color of author's metal art, complimented with metal-like bedspreads, metal sculptures and lamps, all giving a dramatic contrast between positive and negative, white and black, metal and bengé wood used for furniture and floor. Notwithstanding, the Suite is warm, clear and open to a balcony towards El Panecillo hill.


Highlights on the Artist

The art works belong to the famous artist Edgar Carrasco, one of the Ecuadorian painters with great trajectory. Born in 1946 in Cuenca, Ecuador is a pioneer in the artistic investigation of copper. He explores these materials with acids, water and fire.

Carrasco began working with the figurative and later evolved into the abstract, using copper, and eventually gold, silver, tin or bronze. In 1975, he got a scholarship to the University of Bordeaux, School of Art and Architecture, in France. Further, he attended the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in Madrid, Spain, amongst others.



Decoration Amenities


 * Black furnite.

 * Sky-blue and grey tones.

 * Art works in metal by artist Edgar Carrasco.  
Metal-themed bathrom with shower.

 * Minimalist furniture made from metal.


 * IDD telephone line.

 * Wi-fi Internet.

 * 32" flat screen plasma T.V with cable.  

 * Digital safe deposit box.

 * Mini bar.

 * Bathroom with shower.

 * Hairdryer.

 * Located on the street side.

 * Balcony with view of El Panecillo hill.




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