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Suite 16, Ground floor     593 2 250 1421      
                                          593 2 250 8403

Theme: Richness of Ecuador               

While entering into this 22m2 Suite, with a king size leather bed, memories smelling of field come fresh to your mind. And it is not to be surprised that the elegance, durability and softness of leather goods, used to decorate this suite, hitches you to the horse world, thus, to stories of knights and chivalry.

To relax or read, you will enjoy of a soft and beautiful beige tanned couch with resting feet support, which contrasts the dark chocolate of the bed. Here, you may find a small sample of delicate, beautiful and high quality goods that are part of the culture and economy of important cities such as Cuenca, Ambato or Cotacachi.

The pieces of furniture have been worked by artisans from Cuenca, city that is well known for its magnificent works of art enjoying a well-earned prestige.


Highlights on Leather

Leather has played an important role in the development of civilization. From prehistoric times man has used the skins of animals to satisfy his basic needs. He has used hides to make clothing, shelter, carpets and even decorative attire. From leather, man made footwear, belts, clothing, containers for liquids, boats and even armour.

Durability of leather is confirmed when pieces of leather dating from 1300 B.C. were found in Egypt. The Greeks were using leather garments in the age of the Homeric heroes (about 1200 B.C.), and the use of leather later spread throughout the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, the Chinese knew the art of treating leather. The Indians of North America also had developed great skills in leather work before the coming of the white man.

Perhaps it was an accident or by trial and error that man discovered methods of preserving and softening leather by treating animal skins with such things as smoke, grease and bark extracts. The art of tanning leather using the bark of trees probably originated among the Hebrews. In primitive societies, the art was a closely guarded secret passed down from father to son.


Decoration Amenities

 * Bed in tanned dark chocolate leather.  

 * Beige soft leather couch with resting feet support.
 * Carpet made of small leather pieces.
Delicate dark leather piece on the bed.

 * Curtains surrounding the bed and falling from the roof.  

 * Wheelchair-friendly. silla

 * IDD telephone line.

 * Wi-fi Internet.

 * 32" flat screen plasma T.V with cable.   

 * Digital safe deposit box.

 * Mini bar.

 * Bathroom with shower.



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