Yacuma EcoLodge & Huaorani Camp

In 1995, the Chontayacu Indigenous community and Ecuahotel created the Yacuma Amazon Forest Reserve, in charge of the protection of around 300 hectares of reserve of primary tropical rainforest and of its diverse ecosystems.

Yacuma Ecolodge has been awarded with the stamps of Rainforest Alliance Verified and Smart Voyager Certified, for its high standardized handling of sustainable tourism and for the support to the Chontayacu host community.

Lead by well-trained local guides and accompanied by a translator, you will enjoy of the most wildlife-packed rain forests of the world.

Here you may find innumerous birds, including the smallest hummingbird to the famous vulture harpy eagle, passing by parrots, hornbills, toucans, eagles and hawks.

Don’t miss this bird watchers paradise!

Yacuma has 12 comfortable, traditional Amazon-style bungalows, built with materials sustainably harvested from the rain forest in combination with modern resources. Fifty-two people can be hosted in our 24 rooms, which get electricity from solar energy.


Enjoy an exciting and unforgettable expedition to the territory of the HuantaroHuaorani Indian Community. This ancestral ethnicity, which still preserves their traditions and customs, lives in the area of the Yasuní National Park, an Ecuadorian Amazon reserve with one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet.

This is a unique journey that will give you the opportunity to see and feel the Amazon jungle in its real context and through the eyes of our Huaorani guides, so you can get a complete overview of the nature and culture of this beautiful area. Enjoy a fantastic landscape, wildlife, beautiful flora, and the encounter with an authentic indigenous culture of the Amazon rainforest.



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